Streamline discussions for tumor boards and clinic days through the Image Groups/Conferences application. Users can easily group patients into a single efficient list for collaboration.
Easily ask the opinion of a colleague through our second opinion workflow. Online collaboration is now possible and offers another dimension of patient care.
Automatically share your studies with your referring physicians. Convenient and secure sharing, plus the burning of CDs is eliminated.
Quickly and easily build your collaborative network with email invitations and messaging features in the itMD system.
Our secure internal messaging and notification system ensures that powerful lines of communication are always open.
The itMD system is HIPAA-compliant and all data is encrypted. We use the same secure technology as banks, when transmitting your data.
The revolutionary itMD platform eliminates the need for medical CDs. Through our unique study publishing and the enhanced ingestion of imaging data on CDs, sharing is easy and fast.

itMD image sharing

We are a medical image sharing company that enables the secure and on-demand exchange of medical imaging information from anywhere to anyone. Our mission is to deliver the most available and relevant information to make the most correct diagnosis.

Our team

itMD was founded by physicians and a core group of experts in software engineering and image management to reinvent the delivery and use of medical imaging and diagnostic information.

Our central focus is the role of image sharing in enhancing the quality of patient care, providing tools to make each part of the medical imaging chain more efficient.
Our next generation approach seeks to pull the PACS out of isolation and make it securely part of the entire chain of care delivery.