itMD's mission is to improve clinical imaging access for patients and physicians in order to enhance the quality of timely diagnosis and facilitate the rapid exchange of critical information. We perform this by enabling the secure and on-demand exchange of medical imaging information from anywhere to anyone.

Institutional Sharing

  • Share data with other institutions
  • Send and receive DICOM studies via the internet to other institutions

Eliminate CDs

  • Upload and view patients' studies
  • Share images with your users
  • Securely receive outside imaging data through a web portal

PACS and RIS integration

  • Control the imaging data sent to your PACS
  • Create order and exam workflows with RIS integration

Collaborative medicine

  • Image groups and interdisciplinary conferences
  • Contact management
  • Internal messaging
  • Share studies between doctors, patients, and institutions

Share studies with your patients

  • Digitally send images to patient accounts
  • Receive and fulfill online image requests

Eliminate CDs and view patients’ imaging data

  • View studies anywhere
  • Aggregate your patients’ studies in one location
  • Securely receive outside imaging data through a web portal
  • Instant access to imaging data and reports
  • Image groups and interdisciplinary conferences

Collaborative Medicine

  • Collaborate easily with your radiologists
  • Communicate with your patients

Control your imaging data

  • Securely store and view your personal imaging data
  • Easily share your studies with anyone
  • Download your imaging data

Collaborative medicine

  • Easily share your images and reports with your doctors
  • Unprecedented access to second opinions


  • Personalized privacy settings
  • HIPAA-compliant